Men's Breakfasts

This usually takes place on the first Saturday of every month. The numbers vary from 12 to 20 and has been going for about 36+ years.

The Men’s breakfast at St Mary’s

The purpose is for the men of St Mary’s Stebbing to meet for a breakfast, fellowship and to help support various charitable causes. The one charity in particular that we have supported throughout this time is the British Humanitarian Aid/Felsted Aid who have helped build a Revival Centre in Chernigov, Ukraine, after the Chernobyl disaster. Various items of aid and monies have been donated and assistance to help pack lorries going to the Ukraine.

Where we meet varies;  locations include the Church, pub and local flying club. We try where possible to invite a great speaker.  Some have included Hope House, Salvation Army, British Humanitarian Aid and Ministry Aviation Fellowship. We mainly share and discuss local, national and international issues obviously from a Christian perspective.

One thing we started about 14 years ago and happens every year is the annual cricket match between us and the village cricket team. It usually attracts about 100 spectators with a BBQ and bar on offer to all. Donations at this event usually go to local charities or for church restoration projects. So far we have only won twice – but we live in hope to win more – divine intervention is what we pray for!

However whatever the result the occasion is always great fun and eagerly looked forward to by us all.