Home Groups​

The church has a thriving Home Group programme in place with currently six groups meeting in different places; on different days and at different times. Brief details are shown below.

A seventh group is in the process of re-imagining it’s future going forward and is likely to become a daytime group embracing a time for coffee and fellowship, some worship and then focusing on some of the practical tasks in and around the church and churchyard.

Details of its launch will appear on the Pilgrim Post in due course.

Harvest Home Group

We are a fairly new group and meet on a Thursday evening, in a home in Stebbing village. Currently our members are all in their sixties and seventies but anyone is welcome – indeed we would love some new members! 

What we study is usually decided by the group members – at the moment we are looking at Acts. A typical evening includes a time of worship and prayer as well as our study. We have also discovered that we enjoy sharing cake and eating together…

If you would like to know more please get in touch with Julia at church or by email.

Ian & Catherine’s Group

Catherine and Ian Elliott’s home group meets each week on a Tuesday evening, in the home of one of our members (except for the first Tuesday of the month when members are encouraged to attend Power House prayer).

We generally (but not exclusively) follow a published bible study course, allowing plenty of time for discussion and being open to the odd tangent! Meetings always include a time of sharing and prayer for one another and the wider community.

Please call Catherine or Ian.

Edward’s Group

We are a dozen, or so, people who meet weekly, to discuss something of a Christian nature, whilst looking at its impact on our lives and current events.

We meet on Thursday evenings, in the comfort of one of our homes, at 8pm, for “coffee” and chat, finishing about 9.30, after discussion and a prayer.

Paul & Kate’s Group

Our home-group meets on Zoom each Wednesday evening from 8pm – 10pm, although we are hoping to meet ‘in person’ again at some point, even if just occasionally. We seem to have gathered an eclectic group from a fairly wide area, many of whom don’t get to church very often, or are from a different church.

We begin with a time of sharing and praying for one another, coordinated by Kate. Paul generally leads the Bible study.

We have been told that we are quite ‘challenging’ in our approach, so aiming to encourage people to grow in their ability to listen to God and wrestle with tricky topics for themselves, but hopefully in a relaxed and non-threatening environment.

We generally look at one of the gospels each year together, but have also been through Daniel, Acts, and are currently looking at Elijah and Elisha. We have also been through half the course: ‘Mission-shaped Living’, and group members have led on one-off topics too.

We would welcome anyone who is open to growing and learning with and through others.

Please email Kate or Paul.

Sue & Alison’s Group

Our Homegroup meets every Tuesday morning 10.00 – 11.30 in Stebbing Church vestry. There are currently 9 of us with ages ranging from 40ish to 80ish.

It is a very relaxed and social meeting where we share fellowship and have interesting discussions on varying scripture-based books. We are currently working through ‘The Purpose Driven Life’ by Rick Warren.

We end the meeting with any prayer requests and generally pray for one another. 

Please call Alison.

Chris & Cathy’s Group

We meet at No1 Ruffels Place, Stebbing CM6 3TJ (opposite the Church) on a Wednesday every two weeks from 7.30pm to 9.30pm approx.

There are about 10 of us who attend on a fairly regular basis. Ages range from mid 20’s to 80+, so there is a lovely blend of new and seasoned Christians.

We normally study a Bible passage or issues that have been requested by the group. There is always a time of prayer. All is done with humour, sensitivity and pastoral care for each other.

Please call Chris or Cathy.

So why join a Home Group?

It brings a feeling of “belonging” when you relate to a smaller group of people.

It is easier to share concerns with a smaller and trusted group of people.

You can ask questions – even if they sometimes seem very simple ones.

You feel supported with Care and Prayer.

You can learn more about walking the Christian path.

Home groups are open to all

Contact Rev Jeff Hayward if you would like to join a Home group.